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Smoke Inn Cigars, Vero Beach 5th Anniversary Celebration featuring Sindicato Cigars

5th Anniversary e-blast

Join us on Friday February 23rd, from 5pm-9pm as we celebrate five years of excellent cigars, and outstanding people! In appreciation of your patronage, we’re giving away a $1000 Smoke Inn Cigars Gift Card! Receive a raffle ticket every time you purchase three Sindicato Cigars. We’ll also be offering single cigar specials, as well as box specials on all Sindicato Cigars. Mark your calendar and join us!


Sindicato Cigar Party-Smoke Inn Cigars, Vero Beach

Sindicato The Usual Suspects copy.jpg

Sindicato Price Drop copy

Season is over and we’re back to open parking spaces and no waiting times wherever we go! Join us on Friday, May 19th from 5pm-8pm for an evening with Sindicato Cigars. We’ll be featuring our best deals on everything Sindicato has to offer, in addition to new lower pricing on Sindicato Natural and Sindicato Maduro. Come join us!

Sindicato Cigar Party-Smoke Inn Cigars, Vero Beach

Sindicato Cigar Event 16-Smoke Inn Cigars Vero Beach copy.jpg

Join us on Friday, October 21st from 5pm-8pm for an evening with Sindicato Cigars. We’ll be featuring Sindicato’s newest offerings, which include the Master’s Series by Rocky Patel, as well as Particulares.

In the late 1800s, Segundo Lopez introduced the Particulares brand and later Particulares factory in Cuba. The same man would later go on to establish Byron cigars and the single most renowned cigar in the world: Montecristo.

While the latter two have continued on in one form or another to this day, the Particulares name was left collecting dust… until now. Introducing Particulares by Sindicato, a revival of this classic Habano that stays true to the cigar’s historic beginnings.

Packaged in authentic, Cubanesque dress boxes of 20 cigars, using the original Particulares vista artwork, the cigars certainly look the part. But it’s the blend that will have enthusiasts coming back. Working with the Fernandez family and their renowned TABSA factory in Nicaragua, Particulares incorporates 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos. Using a puro blend helps to mimic the classic Cuban profile, which is facilitated by the Fernandez family’s own AGANORSA leaf – among the most sought-after tobacco in the world.

Experience the revival of this historic brand, featuring a traditional, refined smoking experience worthy of its nostalgic concept.

Hope you can join us!



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