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Don Pepin Garcia “Original” 6X62

pepin-blue-6x60-copy1Now let me preface this review with my humble opinion: To me, there are only three 60 ring gauge + cigars worth smoking and those are the Padron SI-15/#4, 601 La Bomba and the gigantic La Flor Dominicana Digger, but like everything else he does, Don Pepin’s first venture into massive girthtitude is a success!

As stated before, this Don Pepin Original is 6×62, but isn’t light on flavor or “airy” like most 60+ ring gauge cigars. In fact, in the first third, this smoke has the same spicy and full flavor that is common among the Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label cigars.

In the second third, the same spicy flavor was consistent but a hint of fruitiness was evident along the line of straw or raspberries. The draw on this monster is effortless and the burn through the second third is a little crooked but not bad.

In the last third, the fruity/berry flavor dies out, but the spiciness is ever consistent. The Draw remains perfectly effortless and the burn evens itself out nicely. This Full bodied smoke is definitely a required smoke for any Don Pepin or big cigar fan.

That should do it for this time around. As always, Happy Smoking!

The Mayor

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