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Ashton Grand Tasting-Smoke Inn Cigars, Vero Beach


Tickets are available for $20 and each attendee will receive (1)Ashton VSG Corona Gorda, or Sorcerer, and (1)Ashton Symmetry Prestige, or Prism.

Jose will be bringing the deals on your favorite VSG or Symmetry boxes too!

(1)Box Deal-SAVE 20%, receive three cigars, Ashton key chain, AND Ashton T-Shirt!

(2)Box Deal-SAVE 20%, receive SIX cigars, Ashton key chain, Ashton T-Shirt, AND Ashton ashtray!

(3)Box Deal-SAVE 20%, receive NINE cigars, Ashton key chain, Ashton T-Shirt, Ashton ashtray, AND Ashton humidor!

Tickets are LIMITED! The MSRP of the (2)VSG and Symmetry cigars is $22.45. $20 of your ticket purchase goes towards ANY VSG, or Symmetry purchase the evening of the event!

Get your ticket before they’re gone…

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