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In addition to having the Largest Walk-In Humidor on the Treasure Coast, we also have several off site humidors around Vero Beach. Our goal is to make your cigar experience convenient and pleasurable.  Stop by any of the following Vero Beach locations and pick up your favorite cigar:


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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic Sun Grown Review

Fuente on The Gar Shop copyThe Hemingway series is one of Fuente’s premier lines that are special because it’s one of the few smokes that are rolled in the old school perfecto shape and up until now have come in either a Cameroon natural or maduro wrapper and uses Dominican filler and binders. The Hemingway Classic is a 7 x 48 Churchill and its sun grown wrapper is almost maduro dark.

I will say that I have had a lot of experience with both the Hemingway Classic natural and Maduro, which is one of the best constructed cigars I have ever smoked. What’s new about the Sun Grown is that in the first third, it is a lot stronger than the maduro and the smoky sweet flavor is more prevalent than in the other two versions.

About half way through the cigar, the smoke transitions to a mellow spicy flavor with some smokiness akin to burning cedar. The draw is tough in the beginning of the smoke, which is common for the perfecto shapes, but by the second third it is nice and effortless. The burn of the Classic S.G. is impeccable, a common trait among Fuentes.

Now the last third of the Classic S.G. was mildly bitter, which was disappointing, but overall still a good smoke. It burned great and the draw was effortless past the first few puffs. Overall I would give the Hemingway Classic Sun Grown 3 out of 5 flames.

Until next time, Happy Smoking!

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