Drew Estate Natural Big Jucy Review

Big Jucy 2 copy

“The Rebirth of Cigars” is the mantra of Drew Estate, purveyors of such cigars as Acid, Liga Privada and Undercrown. Well, one of their newest creations has me baffled and intrigued. If the Natural by Drew Estate is the rebirth of cigars, then the rebirth is in for an interesting ride. The Natural comes in 7 sizes ranging from a tiny 3×38 to a healthy 6.5×54, but the interesting thing about this smoke is the blend, in that it has a traditional Nicaraguan binder but the filler and wrappers vary from different countries as Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, U.S., Spain, Italy, and others.

The cigar I smoked from the Natural’s selection was Big Jucy, a 5×46 corona with a mouth full of taste. Though it doesn’t explicitly say on Drew Estate’s website that it’s infused or flavored with anything, the Big Jucy’s taste in the first third can best be described as smoking a fruit roll up. It’s not a bad flavor, just very powerful and you can even get a little bit of the flavor on the pre-light draw. The construction of the cigar is great in the first third, as there were no problems with the draw or the burn.

In the second third, the tobacco flavors are still overpowered by the fruity notes of the cigar; it is much more manageable now and not so overpowering. Being that it’s a smaller smoke, it does smoke quickly as it didn’t take me long to get through the first two-thirds. Burn and draw are still perfect on the Big Jucy.

Now the last third of the Big Jucy was the best part in that the fruit flavors mellowed out and became more of a tobacco sweet taste that was rather enjoyable. The burn and the draw were great and despite not being a fan of really sweet cigars, most of the Natural was enjoyable. Overall all I’d give 3 out of 5 flames and would definitely recommend to anyone that is into flavored or infused cigars.

Until next time, Happy Smoking!

The Mayor

Reposted with permission from thegarshop.com


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